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Welcome to my portfolio!
My name is Eric Chen and I graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with a B.A. degree majoring in Interactive Media Design and minoring in Visual and Media Arts.

I would describe myself as an "early adaptor" who loves to try out new technology, resources, and design trends to improve current experiences. My passions include graphic design and UX design, and I hope to find ways to let people find and create THE experiences they want.

Some of my primary hobbies include photography, videography, drawing, running, fishing, PC building, and playing the piano. I often find it exciting to try a new hobby to experience new feelings, memories, and knowledge as ways to open my imagination as a designer.


My skillsets include:

Miro board, Lucid Chart, Figma, Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Sketchup, Microsoft Excel, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS

My current primary tools are:
Davinci Resolve, Figma, & Clip Studio Paint.

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