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Project Period

November 2018

This was an individual assignment for IMD 250 where we had to analyze all three University of Washington websites. The task was to identify the audiences, target students, resources offered, promotions strengths/weaknesses, key features, emphasis on community, and emphasized programs.


My Concept

website remade

After analyzing all three websites, we were tasked to write about what should be changed on the UW Bothell webpage. I took this assignment a step further and created a concept design of how I think the UW Bothell website should be redesigned. 


The original website had design choices that I felt were poorly implemented and missing crucial features.

For example, the text links were practically invisible due to the absence of underlines or buttons that indicate a link. This made the links look exactly like ordinary text (referring to the links underneath the admissions section).

Another change that I implemented into my concept webpage was the positioning of the resource elements. Instead of using columns. I redesigned these elements into rows, so that the webpage will have a more logical order in displaying the most important information first. I started with a slider that displays key news, then I created a row with the most used links, and lastly, I ended the page with recent news/events that visitors might be interested in.    

Current Webpage

The main changes were:


- Added slider for key news with      arrow navigation

- Implemented more purple to make certain content stand out

- Underlined and organized links for easier access

- Implemented different news/event format for easier navigation

- Changed the "University of Washington Bothell" title

- Moved the "Inspiring innovation & creativity" text

- Made the upper bar tabs stand out more

- Moved social media and "Be Boundless" link to the bottom

- Added physical calendar for the event list

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